Eight years ago I decided to set up a woodshop to revive my dormant woodworking skills. As a musician, I decided that making a musical instrument would be fun. I've always enjoyed playing recorder, so why not make one?

Long story short, over the past six years making recorders has become a mission! I've corresponded extensively with and visited a couple of recorder makers, read everything I can find on the subject, and set up a workshop. As a physicist by training, an engineer by profession and a musician and woodworker in my spare time, I find building instruments to be both challenging and rewarding. My very first recorders were very rough, but I've learned many things along the way. By persistent attention to detail and careful step-by-step improvements I now create instruments that are truly a joy to play.

My recorders are all based on historical baroque and renaissance designs, from measurements and drawings of surviving instruments. I have read everything I can find about this art and studied detailed diagrams made by well-known makers such as Fred Morgan, Bob Marvin and others. All instruments are made with curved windways, undercut holes, and treated with linseed oil. My instruments are not strict copies of the historic models but have small adaptations for tuning and modern pitch.

My philosophy is that an instrument should allow the player to connect to his or her self at a deep level, whether played individually or with others. When part of a group, the instrument needs to play its role humbly, weaving into the tapestry of sound created by the group. All aspects of an instrument are therefore critical; the outward appearance, the touch and feel, the tone and intonation, and the articulation. The choice of an instrument will always be personal to the musician

As a newcomer to the field I expect and desire that my customers will consult with me, testing out and playing my instruments before considering a purchase. In that vein, my preference at this time is to sell locally (in the Portland, OR area) to folks I can meet in person. Nevertheless I am willing to consider a remote purchase - if you're interested, let's talk!

I also play my instruments in Los Grillos Renaissance Consort, https://losgrillosconsort.weebly.com/ check it out!

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Gerry Leatherman

You may contact me at leatherman.woodwinds@gmail.com